23 January 2009

i'm moving!

the blog that is!! http://3weemonkeys.wordpress.com my friend mandy switched hers over and i liked the format and had been annoyed with blogger anyway! so there you go! all the old blogs are over there too. i'll not close this one though so not to lose any readers, you'll know where to go!!
its also a good change b/c at andy's school he can't get on to blogger. its one of the many banned pages, but wordpress is ok!!

09 January 2009

we are still around

BUT our computer is down. caput, as far as we know. it won't start up, goes straight into recovery and doesn't ever do it. so i can't upload any photos from christmas and i can't do much else. i am on andy's school laptop and for once it isn't banning us from the blog or facebook. so i am in touch with reality, atleast for a bit!
we got home on the 2nd at 3:30 in the morning. we almost stopped for a coffee but decided to just get home as the boys would probably wake up if we did. and its a good thing we didn't stop as around 9:30, andy went to go and get milk and bread for breakfast and the car wouldn't start! we had problems starting it all over christmas but it would always start after a few tries. not this time! SO we have been without a car for the last week. poor andy, who would normally get a lift from katie who lives nearby and works with him, (they usually take turns) she was on a school trip for the week....so andy cycled/took the train/or on the bus all week. and it snowed on sunday night, so the snow was actually on the ground for 3 days, which never happens! also on thursday he took the train and cycled down to redditch which is 25 minute drive to be able to pick up a starting motor. so in all, he cycled over 60 miles this week!!
tomorrow our friend john is coming over to help andy to put this thing in and i'll be praying that it works!! so anyway, hopefully we'll have some photos to put up and sometime! don't know what to do about our computer... (any thoughts?)

30 December 2008

christmas crackers

my mandy friend asked about the crowns we all have on it the photo from christmas dinner. so, none of us really knew what the tradition is except that you always have christmas crackers at christmas time with a paper crown in it and a joke and a wee little gift that usually gets thrown away. its fun and just the tradition!
here is a link to the history of the christmas crackers. enjoy =)

27 December 2008

christmas cheer

we arrived in belfast monday night in time for dinner. it was a nice and uneventful trip over!! tuesday karen, luke and zach came over for lunch. here's jonah and zach together!

in the afternoon we went into belfast to do some shopping. it was nice with all the christmas lights and we checked out the new victoria square. very nice indeed!

wednesday we had lunch with paul,erin, rose and aiden mullan...

aiden and jonah, (daddy's cousins' son) and only a day apart.

micah and noah opening their new car garage and all the family at the end of christmas dinner.

jonah's new crib toy:

noah opening his presents and jonah enjoying mommy's slippers!

paul, karen, luke and zach.

zach, 7 months on the 29th and jonah 6.5 months on boxing day.

19 December 2008

#23 thru 2008 - Highlights of the Year

Here are a collection of the blog highlights from this past year.

Click on the links and enjoy the recollections.

January- What a Start:

February - Ups and Downs:

March - Not Much to Report:

April - Relaxing Break:

May - Nephews Arrive:

June - Jonah Edward:

July - Continuing:

August - Best Memories:

September - Back into Routine:

October - Half Term:

November - Stateside:

December - The Present:

As we look back we can truly say 'Ebenezer - hitherto hath the Lord helped us'. As we look forward, 'Great is thy faithfulness'.

It only suffices for all of us at #23,

Andy, Janelle, Micah, Noah & Jonah,

to thank you for your interest & comments,

and to wish you all a

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

photo dump =)

mr j
here is one of me...since there aren't usually any, here is one just for you all!
me =)

of course i get these after we did our christmas card! oh well... aren't they adorable? cheecky monkeys definitely =)
my beautiful boys

in other news, micah been great at helping me make all the christmas goodies! 7 loaves of pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cupcakes =) i still need to bake some snickerdoodle cookies too. and possible a pumpkin cheesecake, but i am not sure about that one!

jonah talking

the coughing you hear is from noah who is sitting next to jonah. i think jonah does a fake cough at one point =)

here is noah bowling. we went bowling for my birthday back in november! the boys really loved it and i think andy and i forgot how much we enjoy it too!!

16 December 2008

jonah, 6 months

(here are some photos from my mobile!)
jonah in reindeer hat (click here to see noah in the hat 2 years ago!) ((i think i'll have to recreate that photo tomorrow or sometime soon!)

micah's new peter pan outfit (woolworth's is closing down, everything on sale!)

and micah and jonah playing =)

fast update before heading to bed...

jonah weighed in at 15lbs 7oz. that's 1lb 1oz gain in 4ish weeks! so he is doing well. still just above the 9th percentile. noah was around 18lbs at 6 months and micah maybe the same if not a little bit less. micah dropped down below the 9th percentile around this age.

i started my baking today. lots to do over the next few days! have to be done by friday=) my friend hannah was out for the day yesterday in bridgenorth in shropshire and found "americalicious". a little shop that sold everything american and they had big tins of pumpkin! she texted to see if i wanted any and ofcourse i said yes! so i have 2 big tins and still have 4 small tins left. i have to save some for ireland too!!

this week i think i am just making pumpkin muffins, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodle cookies and maybe some pumpkin bread too. hopefully andy will make some wheaten bread as well!

i'm off to bed now =)

14 December 2008


it's almost christmas!! hooray =) i took noah and jonah to the doctors on friday. noah hasn't ever gotten over his last cold and wednesday he just wasn't himself. quite quiet and stayed in his stroller not really wanting to get out as usual. thursday he was the same and a bit warm and just wanted to lay on the couch with a blanket. that night i noticed a lump on his neck. so friday i called for an appointment. along with jonah who has gotten our coughs and splutters. so the doctor diagnosed a double ear infection in noah and single ear infection for jonah. so amoxicilan or whatever, here we are!
its our first ear infections hopefully the last!
jonah reaches 6 months yesterday so last week we started on some fruits! yummy. apples and banana so far. we tried a bit of carrots and parsnips and potato. i need to get some babyrice to mix with some of it though, i think! but going well! he gets so excited though when he sees the spoon! i'll go on tuesday to get him weighed and measured for the official stuff!
he likes his toes too =)
oh and jonah can get himself out of his bumbo chair!! OMG, what is that all about? so now when i put him in i *have* to put the tray on!! he is a smiley baby though with his 2 bottom teeth! i have a few little video clips from my mobile that i need to download soon. speaking of which, micah and noah have taken over my mobile phones camera! noah especially loves to take photos, problem is that he doesn't know how to go back to take another and he ends of sending photo messages to everyone! andy one day has like 8 messages!! expensive for me!! yikes!
german market 003

german market 004
this is the last week of work of andy for the year! love that sound =) he has a busy-ish week with the christmas party, a class trip to a buddhist center, a musicical afternoon and finally the nativity play that he wrote for his year 5. friday evening is our carol service at church as well. monday the 22nd we leave for belfast via ferry. hopefully the trip will be a bit better than last time! (we got stuck in dublin rush hour for like 2 hours!!) we will be in belfast for christmas and coming home new years day. should be a load of fun!!
ready to eatchristmas cookies

09 December 2008

i'm back!

not that i went anywhere, i just wasn't getting on here to blog! to busy with facebook and online christmas shopping =) but here i am and hoping i can think of loads to tell you all!
so first, this is how thanksgiving looked for us and 12 others! so good and we totally enjoyed leftover for the next 2 days too! i had them watch charlie brown's thanksgiving so they could see what its all about!!

on the sunday after having turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches =) we went to the botanical gardens with peter and becky who are getting married in april and took some photos so that they can get some photos for their parents for christmas. it was dark all too quickly but we got a few.
some time last week or the week before, noah got a real shiner of a bruise while chasing micah! it looked like it dented his check, i was a bit scared i'd have to make a run to the A&E but he calmed down and it soon showed its ugly colours and all was ok!

last saturday we had out sunday school christmas party, went to pick up a rainforest jumperoo that i won on ebay and the boys picked up a christmas tree for us! so it was a busy day but nice to have the tree up and looking beautiful!

and i'll let you see our christmas cards for this year! i am extremely pleased with them if i do say so myself =)
snowy noel 1
actually i'll only show this one....he he

28 November 2008

preparing for thanksgiving!

this is the food that i ordered on monday night! arrived this morning!

the turkey!!

micah helping me to make the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

all ready for tomorrow!! can't wait!

happy thanksgiving!

i hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving yesterday! we had a nice day as our friend (aunty) shiela took us to Webbs. its a garden center with a lot of stuff going on! the boys picked out their christmas ornaments as they get one each year. we had lunch there and just walked around really. it was nice to get out!

last night i had my groceries delievered and the turkey is huge! i could barely lift it!! i so can't wait to start cooking it!! we have now upped the number coming to 14 adults and 2 children and 1 infant! wowee...where to put them all? and do i have enough plates?? hmm =) i can't wait! nor can any of the others! i even have charlie brown's thanksgiving for everyone to watch as a lot of them have no idea what thanksgiving is all about!!

so today i have to start baking! pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin choc chip cookies, the potato rolls too. tomorrow morning will be the turkey, stuffing and peeling the potatoes and carrots. so i don't think it'll be too much really. avril is bringing roast parsnips and potatoes and also a pavlova. jon and anthea if they make it in the evening will bring another desert as well!!

so much awesomeness for tomorrow!!

oh and happy black friday to any who are braving the shops!

25 November 2008

sick sick sick

well, i had a better night last night with jonah. he slept through till 4:30 for a feed and went nicely back to sleep for me. but my tummy hurt... so i sat on the toilet, then went to get a drink of water. i laid back in bed for a bit but couldn't go back to sleep and felt like i was getting close to having to be sick. so i came downstairs and sat on the couch for a bit. was sick in the bathroom then slept a bit longer on the couch. i heard andy's alarm go off so i went upstairs and got back into bed. my tummy still hurt but i felt loads better.

thanfully jonah slept till 8 and after feeding him i was able to sleep off and on till just past 9. then noah was sick around 11ish and again at 5. he didn't eat much through the day (like nothing at all) so i think we might have some toast soon. i've had 1 toast 2 cups of tea and 3 chicken nuggets. i made andy chicken tikka masala and rice for tea. i had a few bites but am not really hungry. micah had lunch at like 2:30/3 and i don't think he is really hungry either. boy...what a day! my head hurts and i am ready for bed! that's for sure.

and just forfun:

24 November 2008

i've just discovered...

the stateside candy company!! i am so excited =) i just ordered stovetop stuffing, a graham cracker pie crust, some candy corn, a hamburger helper mix... and so on! the only think i couldn't find was libby's pumpkin puree! oh well, atleast i know where i can get that! i am so excited!!! come on thanksgiving! this company also has loads of other things. candy, tea, crystal light, grape soda, mountain dew and rootbeer!! heaven really.

we are having thanksgiving on saturday and have 10 people coming!! i'm buy a huge turkey (they are all half price at the moment) and i have some others making the sweet potato souffle and the green bean casserole. and also making desserts. not sure what else i can give to others to make... very excited though for it.

in other news. the boys are totally not sleeping through the night. *any.one.of.them* jonah has the 2 bottom teeth showing and i believe 1 top tooth in the works. plus thes cold that the boys have too. so terrible nights. i am trying so hard not to feed jonah each and everytime that he is waking up but really? i don't know what else to do. sometimes i can rock him back to sleep but a lot of the times, he wakes when i lay him back in the cot. and he cries and cries and cries.

18 November 2008

jonah weigh in

went to the health visitor this morning, well barely morning! we got there at 11:24 and they close at 11:30!! it was all cleaned up and the boys had no toys to play with! poor them!!

so anyway, jonah now weighs 14lb 6oz (9th percentile) and is 64 cm which i think is 25.5inches. something like that! as i was telling the HV that jonah had gotten his first tooth last week, and how sleeping and settling him down to sleep has gotten rough. i said hopefully its more teeth coming and i had a bit of a look and feel and lo and behold i believe there the next one coming! crazy!!

still no words from noah and tons from micah. he is really learning memory verses at sunday school and the songs. he can say "all scripture is given by the inspiration of God and is profitable. 2 timothy chapter 3 verse 16" he knows genesis 1v1 and we are learning hebrews ch10v12 i think. i can't remember that one yet either! we also started learning the books of the old testament in a song and he knows over half of them! its so cute to hear him saying all the big works like leviticus, dueteronomy and chronicles!! so sweet!

just starting to plan our thanksgiving. we are celebrating on the saturday the 29th. just thinking it'll be easier with people working weekdays and its not so nice to eat such a big meal after 7! we have possibly up to 12 people coming. i haven't heard back from everyone yet!! can't wait though!!